May Crowning Celebration

Queen of Peace Catholic Church

May 6, 2007


This year we had our May Crowing procession escorted by our very own Knights of Columbus chapter.  This added an even greater array of reverence and respect for the Blessed Mother.  Thanks to all of you who came out to celebrate this very special tribute to Mary the mother of Jesus.  Special thanks to Mary Jerkins and Gloria Morarity for making this event special for everyone.

The May Crowning ceremony of Our Lady on May 6, was beautiful and a great success. We want to thank the children, the PRE teachers, parents, parishioners, the Knights of Columbus, The Ladies Auxiliary , The Men's Club, the Choir; Mr. Pat Sanford for the carnation flowers; Mrs. Rhonda Grillo who beautifully restored the statue of Mary (in case we needed a statue indoors if it rained) Sister Margaret Sue and Lois Harrison, who loaned us the statue; the May Crowning Committee - Celia Webb, Diane Ackerman, Betty Cail, Anita Turner, Angela Martinez, Dawn Heuser, Monty Whittington and Gretchen McAlexander,  the Catholic Girls Club and all others who we have forgotten to mention for their participation and support.

We especially want to thank Father Terry . We are sure the heavens were rejoicing with us as we honored Our Lady, Queen of Peace.

God bless you all,

Mary Jerkins and Gloria Morarity


May 7, 2006

Thanks to Pam Cail, Kelli Grissom and Greg Glover for these photographs


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