2nd Annual Youth Ministries

"Haunted House 2006"

Held in conjunction with the Ladies Auxiliary's "Trunk or Teat"


The 2006 Haunted House Crew

On behalf of your Confirmation Class Gloria and I would like to thank all of you who came out and at least made an attempt to get through our Haunted House. To say it was a little spooky would be an understatement. I would especially like to thank my lovely bride Sheryl for all the hours she put in to building and decorating the Haunted House and Roberto Santos for adding a little “spook” to the exit.

Our students would like to thank former students Darrell Garnett, Molly Glover, Kenneth Pace, Lucas Dotson, Kristy DiSabitino, Rebecca Mathis  and Sherilyn Temple who came back to help them  this year. 

Get ready….an even SPOOKIER house is planned for next year!

…Leonard Temple

(The background sounds you will hear are actual sound bytes from the Haunted House)



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